We are MERCAT (Midlands East Research by Critical Care and Anaesthetic Trainees). We are the Trainee Research Network (TRN) for the East Midlands region.

We come under the umbrella of RAFT (Research & Audit Federation of Trainees) and through them we are able to link to all the other TRNs nationally.


‘….to conduct high quality, trainee-led, multi-centred research and audit across the East Midlands deanery for the benefit of patients and their future care…..’


  1. To establish a regional network of anaesthetic and critical care trainees who conduct multi-centre research and audit with a high potential for making an impact.
  2. To allow trainees to continue their involvement in research and audit projects as they migrate around the deanery.
  3. To provide training in research for the educational benefit of MERCAT members.
  4. To attract national funding for research and audit work.