ICU Handover

ICU Handover Project

Why Handover?

Handover is a focal point of transfer of information on any intensive care. It is a key area for continuity of care. A handover QI project is applicable to all intensive care units from specialist to generalist (although the needs of each unit at handover will vary). Although nursing handover has received much attention, physician handover on ICU has been relatively neglected.

This first project is also being used as a test of the system, so we have deliberately chosen a fairly straightforward topic that should have easy data collection.

What does the project entail?

One week of data collection at each handover (morning and evening) during a week in March. This will include the weekend.

The data will then be processed centrally, and each unit’s results will be returned back to it, as well as the amalgamated results being presented as a whole.

A “Handover working group” will then be formed to analyse the data and recommend what we think the factors are that make the best ICU handover. This will be circulated to all the ICUs in the region.

Results to be presented at MERCAT Research Day and at ICS State of the Art Conference in December 2018.