Emergency Intubation

Emergency Intubation Checklists

Regional Project

REGIONAL Leads: Joel Swindin and Nick Plummer

  • Aim to capture all emergency, non-theatre anaesthetic episodes
  • ED, ICU, wards
  • Exclude primary obstetric problems, include paediatrics
  • 4/52 “usual care” followed by 4/52 using a checklist everywhere
  • Capture anaesthetist’s opinion after the event
  • Log anaesthetic online at time of event (two-clicks)
  • Follow-up questionnaire sent by email/text
  • Local leads can chase missed data


Are checklists better/helpful for us or for patients?
Is there clinical equipoise for not using checklists?
Can a region wide checklist be produced if proved useful?


Potential for ”firsts” and proof of concept

  • Use of an online system for logging events and seeking follow ups
  • Dynamic run-charts on MERCAT website
  • Drive engagement and links with non-anaesthetists

Potential for follow up design project

Potential for a national project proposal

Watch this space…