Contribution Definitions


Each project will have a study team associated with it and the specific roles of each member are detailed in this section.

Regional Project Lead(s)

This is defined as the individual(s) who is/are responsible for the design and inception of the study. The role will usually involve:

  • Devising the Research and Development proposal and trial protocol
  • Liaising with the Research and Development department
  • Applying for research grants if required
  • Seeking ethics committee approval for the project where necessary
  • Managing and co-ordinating the conduct of the study across the region
  • Collating and analysing the study data
  • Presenting the data at a regional or national level
  • Submitting any resulting articles for publication

Local Trust Project Lead(s)

This is defined as the individual(s) who is/are responsible for the management of the regional project at a local trust level. The role will usually (but not exclusively) involve:

  • Liaising with the local Research and Development department
  • Liaising with the local Clinical Governance department
  • Co-ordinating with the Regional Project Lead(s) to refine research protocols and data collection forms
  • Advertising projects at the local trust level
  • Co-ordinating and managing the team of MERCAT trainees for patient recruitment and data collection
  • Presenting the data and results at a local level

Local Trust Project Investigator

This is defined as a MERCAT individual who is not involved in long-term local project management (as outlined above), but is significantly involved in the study, above and beyond data collection. This role will usually involve:

  • Leading a team of Local Trust Project Contributors for individual days of a project
  • Making an extensive contribution to patient consent, recruitment and/or data collection

Local Trust Project Contributor

This is defined as any individual who is involved with patient recruitment and/or data collection, whether a member of MERCAT or not.


All members of MERCAT must adhere to the following authorship rules:

  1. Each research project will have a designated Regional Project Lead(s) and their role is detailed in Section 7.1.
  2. Any MERCAT member completing a task in Section 7.1 should be acknowledged as making a significant contribution to the project.
  3. It is the responsibility of the Regional Project Lead to present and/or publish the results from the project. If they are unable to or do not wish to, then they should delegate this task to a MERCAT member who has made a significant contribution to that project (for example, the Local Trust Project Lead).
  4. Only those MERCAT members who specifically contributed to the research project will be acknowledged in any publications resulting from that project.
  5. The MERCAT organisation should be recognised as the author of any publications resulting from a project. Individuals contributing to the project will be acknowledged on the MERCAT website.
  6. Project data may be presented at local meetings by MERCAT members. Project data for a single site may also be published by MERCAT members on provision of written consent from the Regional Project Lead(s). The MERCAT organisation and Regional Project Lead(s) should both be acknowledged in this case.
  7. Any dispute regarding authorship should be escalated to the executive committee who will arbitrate and, if necessary, terminate membership.
  8. The Regional Project Lead(s) & Local Trust Project Leads, Investigators and Contributors for a project may all reference any resulting publications on their curriculum vitae.